My life *would* suck without you, Glee.

I stopped watching Glee sometime during the second season…or maybe the third? I don’t know. It was right when the kid with the lips came on? I know that I was super into when Will ran down the hallway to Emma to My Life Would Suck Without You1 but by the time they came back in September I really didn’t care what happened after the song ended. I caught part of one episode about a year ago and the cheerleaders were lesbians? I don’t know. Whatever. I’m gone. It’s languishing on my Netflix queue somewhere under How to Lose Friends and Alienate People.2

I still purchase an obnoxious amount of Glee music though. I mean, less than I used to. I liked it when they covered old songs that were rock-y or whatever and made them mainstream pop. Because I’m a dork. And I would have Taylor Swift sing at my wedding if I could.3 Now that they do current Top 40 it’s kind of lost it’s appeal because, isn’t that basically karaoke? I mean, they don’t change the melody at all so it’s kind of just a slightly different voice singing exactly the same song I already have on my iPod because it CAME OUT TWO WEEKS AGO.4

ANYWAY. I still buy a lot of Glee music.

Like the “graduation” album. That I bought. Because it contained some awesome songs that I totally love and oh my God I’m going to cry. Because they’re graduating! And I’m graduating! And getting married! And when did I grow up and this so not cool! And omg they covered Edge of Glory? I was listening to that a lot a year ago and omg I remember EVERYTHING I was feeling even the bad stuff like why do you want this work out so bad that’s weird you’re one of those women I’m sure there’s a name for them5 I just don’t know it and *sob*

I work out at my fiance’s house because like hell I’m getting up at four-thirty to exercise and frankly that hour between when I get there and the baby wakes up could probably be put to better use than pinning recipes I’ll never make. When I had my elliptical sent to his house he got all excited, “Oh! We can work out together!”

Ah. No.

First of all, I’m not a team player. Secondly, my face turns unnatural shades of color when I work out, and I’d like to keep a little mystery in our relationship thankyouverymuch.

But mostly it’s so that he never sees me rocking out and then having a breakdown on the elliptical over Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) and Call Me, Maybe?6 and realize he’s marrying a teenage girl and probably shouldn’t leave his daughter in her care everyday and WHATEVER IT WAS THE TIME OF MY LIFE DUDE *sniff*.

Because that’s totally my jam.

Although, in retrospect, could have bumped it up above The Change-Up. Because guess what? Cancer lists aren’t funny. At all. I’ve never seen Matt drink a G&T that fast.

Except the best man would walk out. And not for the reason you’d think.

And iTunes told me to buy it. Shut up. I think for myself. Sometimes.

Those women probably knew about cancer lists too.

Call Me, Maybe doesn’t make me cry. But can we talk about how awesome it is?