I am NOT one of those women.

I am not crafty. I don’t care about being crafty. Like, at all. I prefer stores. With things that are already made in them.

But I totally wanted to make these coasters. Like, a lot. I like maps, I like commemorating special places in your life, and I like the idea of making something for my home after I get married.

And, thanks to the glory of Pinterest- map coasters. YES. I would make those. I dragged Buzz to like eight stores to get the stuff, which Pinterest seemed to think I would just, I don’t know, have on hand?, and set off.

I documented it, in the case of epic failure.


The supplies: map (that I purchased, because I couldn’t find one), pretty tiles, ugly tiles in case I messed up the pretty tiles, cork board, mod podge, finishing and adhesive spray, and a teensy little brush that never fails to remind me of building the house.

I’m feeling crafty already.


Ah. The most important supply for us non-crafty types. Vodka tonic. It makes me feel craftier. Dude. Crafts are AWESOME. I want to do ALL the crafts!


After I take a picture of my desk. Us non-crafty types are also easily distracted. Isn’t my Daddy cute?


How I prefer to engage in any sort of craft endeavor. Most endeavors, really.


I made a copy of the map section I wanted to use to make a test coaster.

(Which sounds way more bad ass than it really was.


It worked okay, but the colors were less vibrant. So I just decided to live on the edge and use the real map.

That’s right. If I messed it up, I’d have to drive all the way back to Target.


I don’t know if that is the worst knife thingy in the world or what, but I switched to the little Pampered Chef thingy after about two minutes of swearing at the map and the knife because WHY WON’T YOU CUT???


Artsy shot of me looking through the map, in which my eyes look huge and doe-like. Something which they are not, in real life.

I may make it my profile picture.


My selections of meaningful places. (True story. I had to scrape for like at least half of them. We don’t do a whole lot.)


My engagement ring and the church where we’re getting married.


Mod Podge step…haven’t screwed up yet. This is a new feeling for me.


They kind of look…adorable. Oh my gosh. Could I secretly be talented at something???


Next morning after they dried, time for the finishing spray.


Maybe because of the vodka tonic last night.

(No. Just because I’m an addict.)


am crafty! YES.


This part was pretty boring, so I didn’t photograph it, but I attached cork board to the bottom of the tile with adhesive spray. In retrospect, I think I’d try to get thinner cork or those cork dots I didn’t know existed until my fiance pointed it out.

Of course, the day they needed to dry outside was the only day in the last six months that it’s rained. So they spent the day in the garage. I half expected them to be awful when I got back in the afternoon, but no!


They turned out really really well! Like awesome.


I was really really happy with them, and if I didn’t manage to screw them up, really anyone can do it.

There really weren’t any problems- make sure the sides of the coasters are sealed. I must have had some spots that weren’t, because when I used the glossy spray it leaked in and left little wet spots some places. Not a huge deal. I also sanded the edges after they were all finished because they were tacky from all the stuff. Now they’re fine.

And it really is a multi-day project, which probably is not news to anyone except me who prefers to buy things fully made and is also really impatient why can’t I use it now dammit???

All in all, pretty awesome. I’m going to do another set after we get back from the honeymoon, and it would be a really cool way to commemorate a road trip.


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