Regularly Scheduled Programming

We’re back. We’re home. We’re married (oh yeah, that happened.). We have towels from the governor’s mansion.

I’m slowly unpacking the wedding gifts, and marveling at how we got six times as many ramekins as we registered for and no towels. (Thanks, Kohl’s. Your website ROCKS. End sarcasm.) I’ve ordered some pictures because I need them up LIKE NOW in a rather visceral way I think you probably only feel about your wedding pictures or maybe your firstborn. I’ve done adorable things with the the flowers and guest book and unity candle. I’ve (mostly) unpacked, banishing the Scary Industrial Underwear that they sell in the UK to the back of my drawer even though I’m never going to touch it again, but I’m incapable of throwing things out. I don’t know what to do with the mints from Governor Walker, though. What does one do with those?

Anyway, I’m REALLY excited to be back to the new normal.


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