Turns out 2009 me was oddly prescient.

As it happens, I am the worst pregnant woman ever.

Yup. All that anxiety that I thought I was going to have? TIMES A BILLION.

Because in 2009 I was just being snotty. I had no idea the thousands of horrifying outcomes and well, yeah, they say you don’t miscarry in the second trimester but my cousin’s sister’s neighbor totally did. And I’m going to tell you about it. For science. And stuff. Why are you crying?

Now I do. And oh, it is not pleasant to live with me. Last night I informed Buzz that I only had two days left where I could technically miscarry, after that it would a stillbirth. He told me I was crazy and to go sit down and try to be happy.

It’s going to be a long time until July.

(I can have more coffee than I had previously assumed though. That’s a plus.)

(Still no Nyquil. Boo.)