Little things.

I’m in the (end of) the second trimester now.* Definitely past the part where I feel like I want to die,** and almost past the part where it feels like this is just how your life is going to be, you’re just going to be pregnant forfreakingever might as well accept it, and inching towards OH MY GOD WE’RE LIKE BRINGING ANOTHER BABY HOME WHERE SHOULD WE PUT HIM?

I’m choosing to ignore those feelings (as well as the room where he has to go), and celebrate how the second trimester is awesome, dudes. I LOVE it. I can eat again.*** I have energy I haven’t since September. I work out. I do laundry occasionally and today? Today I crossed everything off my to-do list.

(Including “write blog post.” Hi!)

I also took Squeaks out for a lovely day. The faster the baby is coming the more it makes me realize how precious these last few months are with her and how little time I sometimes get to spend with her one-on-one. We only have a few more months of being able to go out for a treat or to the library without dragging her little brother along. Who will most likely have something rather vocal and/or smelly to say about it.

So we went to Starbucks (which I tell her is a bakery in an attempt to sound like a better mother) and the library and for a walk and it was wonderful.

And sufficiently exhausted her so that she took a nap this afternoon and I could pass out for an hour and a half.

Because the second trimester is awesome, guys. But it’s still, like, growing another person. 388746_10151313739395685_287261425_n


**Although I still throw up water in the mornings with alarming regularity.

***Although, I can eat again. Hello weight gain I’d avoided.

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