We had a busy weekend of Derby parties (well, one) and napping and brunch and…okay, mostly the napping. But it’s necessary! Baby! And all that!

(Also, Baby is coming in like nine weeks. Which is frighteningly soon.)

Here are the photos from this weekend:

May 4th: In my cup



Starbucks lattes: 150 mg of caffeine and a pregnant lady’s dream. Or at least it is if you’re a bad pregnant lady and drink any caffeine at all, like I do. I also drink wine. Occasionally. And take Tylenol. Although that, frankly, is ridiculous because chewing on a tic tac is about as effective as freaking Tylenol.

Anyway. Bad pregnant lady. Still love my children.

(It has calcium! Which I only get from ice cream otherwise! So it’s a healthy choice!)

May 5th: Paper


She loves shredding. So much so that the shredder died twenty minutes after this was taken. Hmm.

May 6th: Broken


May 7th: Something beginning with an F:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMy parents live on a gorgeous piece of property in the best kind of country there is- one that’s half a mile from Target and Qdoba.



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