I totally mean to blog like every day. And certainly at the beginning of every week. I mean, I have to-do lists, people. They’re the only way I get anything done. But it seems like it’s Wednesday before I actually get around to it. I guess that’s a good thing though, or else Squeaks will have even more to talk about in therapy one day. 

This weekend was my first official and legal Mother’s Day (well, canon law. Which is really the most important.) I mean, last year I was Squeaks’ mommy and everybody treated me like it was real but Buzz totally still could have bolted. I mean really, he had no idea how I needed to keep the bedroom at a temperature roughly similar to a meat locker in order to be comfortable. Or the tyranny of a preggy pillow. Which apparently I kicked over last night and forced him to cuddle with.

But he didn’t! And so I was still around this year, and knocked up to boot. We had a lovely day- went to church (obviously) and visited everyone and their mother (Ha! See what I did there!) and while there were of course difficult moments, it was nice to spend the day as a family. 

Also, I got super-sweet cards from Buzz and Squeaks, whose handwriting has improved since, oh, Friday. And loot- a nanny cam sort of thing so I can watch the baby at all hours while only appearing slightly crazy, and birthstone rings that hopefully will fit again one day. You know, along with my wedding rings. 

So it was absolutely lovely. 

And now some pictures:

May 8: Shape


Round is a shape. 

May 9: Snack


My favorite snack, but I have to eat it during naptime because Eva is the only other person in the world besides me who loves (like, genuinely loves) prunes and as far as she’s concerned little girls don’t drink orange juice except on special occasions. 

May 10: Star


She was a big help during the whole moving experience. 

May 11: Smile


May 12: Mother


I got to be a real mother. And I’m so happy. 

May 13: Sunset


May 14: Need


Okay. Maybe not a need in the whole “food, water, shelter” thing. But we finally got a patio set and it needed some flowers. 


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