I could do a photo-a-day of Squeaks.

Most of them are anyway.

May 15: 7 o’clock


This clock is broken. Or rather, our marriage would be broken if Matt insisted on it making ungodly noise all day long while HE’S NOT HERE, so it’s not wound. Usually I have it set to  8:10, our wedding date, but since 7 o’clock is an uninteresting time around here (my cleaning time in the morning and Eva’s brushing teeth time at night) this works.

May 16: Mailbox


This picture bores me. But this is the first house in which I’ve lived where the mailbox is on the house. Previously I’ve had to walk a tenth of a mile. (Not kidding.)

May 17: Season


Oh burst mode, I love you.

May 18: Want

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABaby K has his first sweater vest. And oh, shall he hate me for it. But I don’t care. Because it’s adorable.

May 19: My favorite view


On the rare occasions I can stay awake after Matt leaves in the morning until Eva wakes up (rarer as Baby K gets bigger and SERIOUSLY WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN THERE THAT’S TAKING ALL MY ENERGY. AND BANANA BREAD.), I sit outside for a few minutes and drink my allowed amount of caffeine and read. Trashy chick lit sometimes, apparently. I should have taken this picture on a day when I was reading something intelligent.

May 20: Light


Okay, this was from last month. But it’s the prettiest light picture I’ve ever taken.


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