Dear Joey (Month Two)

Ha! I’m only a few days late this month! This is no great feat of organization on my part, rather you and your sister are spending the morning with Grandma and I drank too much coffee this morning to nap (yet…there will be napping.) No, Joey, Mommy is still pretty much a mess organizationally. I got through grad school without a problem, but figuring out how to live life and raise two children and make dinner in three hour rotations around your bottles (which have been…stressful, to say the least) has taken some getting used to.

I’m also blaming you for not sending out thank you notes for most of your gifts yet. So if you sent us something, thank you so much and we really appreciate it and you’ll get a real note sometime in the next year. Probably. In fact, I’m going to blame you for not getting our wedding notes out either. Because I was knocked up pretty much by the time I unpacked my sweaters.

It’s not really your fault, though, sweetheart. You are such a good baby. You are so, so happy almost all of the time. You cry when you get hungry (that’s my boy) and you’ve been having some tummy problems that make you cry during your bottle, which tears my heart out. But hopefully we’ll get that all resolved soon. You aren’t having any problem getting bigger though- you’re almost 23 inches and 10 lbs, 15 oz.

(Or as Grandma Susan describes it, “A pound lighter than your uncle with whom I was in labor for a day.)

Other that that, though, you’re happy. You smile for real now all the time. You smile at me when I get you up in the morning, and it’s the best feeling in the world. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of you smiling at me. You’ve started playing more- there’s a toy at Grandma Susan’s that you’d follow all around the house if you could only figure out how to get your legs to work. You picked up your keys for the first time last week, and like your play mat. You don’t know that it’s your hand that is making the little bird with the beads move, but you sure do like it when he does.

You also started sitting up in the bumbo, which is quite possibly the cutest thing ever. Honey, I can’t wait to see what you’ll be doing by the end of this month. (I imagine qualitative physics.)



You are such a good sleeper too- still going down by yourself shortly after your sister goes to bed. Bedtime is my favorite time of day (and not just because I get wine when it’s over). I give you a bottle while we read your sister’s story and say our prayers together as a family. And then Daddy and I finish your bottle in your room. You get all excited during your bottle breaks and smile and coo and play with us. You’re like thisclose to giggling, and I can’t wait. Then we wrap you up in your (now too big, we had to go up a size) swaddle sack and you get this totally content look on your face and pass out for seven or eight hours.


You’re down to one bottle a night, which means Daddy and I get to switch nights. This also means that Daddy and I are beginning to resemble real people again and not just shallow husks of our former selves who take out stock in K-cups. I really really appreciate this, buddy, and I sincerely hope you keep it up. You get up early with us, and I think it’s because you don’t want to be left out of anything. You go back to sleep in your swing though, which again, I appreciate. 


You still love your swing. You take your morning nap in there (your afternoon nap you’re in your crib now for between one and two hours…I am so so thankful that you’re a good sleeper!), and hang out there when I have to take care of your sister or make dinner or do any of the three daily laundry loads (you’re a spitter).


You still hate your Snugabunny. I’m sincerely holding out that you’ll love it when you’re big enough to make it bounce. Otherwise I’m going to have to keep having babies until one of them likes it. Other things you still despise are diaper changes and baths. And being moved. That hasn’t really changed.


This was a big month for you in terms of outings.You had several doctors appointments, and your first Zoo ala Carte, Irish Fest, and Labor Day (most of those were in the same weekend which meant Mommy and Daddy were zombies.)


You did so well at everything. At the zoo we kept you out for like eight hours and you were perfectly happy and content and obliged me with easy bottles and diaper changes. I think you’ll like it better next year when you can eat some of the tasty food. You kept looking at me going down on Saz’s fries and chocolate mousse shooters like, “Really? And now you’re going to give me formula? I can’t even have that little fry?”


Your first Irish Fest was one of the best days of my life. A few years ago I couldn’t imagine being lucky enough to be at Irish Fest with my husband and two babies, and this year I was. You were so cute in your little shamrock sleeper and “Slainte!” bottle t-shirt. I think Grandma Susan enjoyed it too. 🙂

This month was also Mommy and Daddy’s first wedding anniversary, and you spent the weekend away from us. We missed you and your sister so, so much but it was wonderful too be with each other and focus on our relationship. Daddy and I love you and your sister more than anything in the world, but we also believe that the best thing in the world for you guys is to have parents that love each other and have a solid marriage, and we work hard to keep that a priority. We were both lucky enough to have parents with those kinds of marriages, and it made us the people we are.

I want nothing more for you and your sister than to be as happy and secure in a loving family as we were.

I love you, my angel.


Love, Mommy