Dear Buddy: 10 Months

Hi, honey. I can’t believe you’re ten months already. Nine months was hard for me to wrap my head around. Grandma Susan said, “Oh! He’s been here as long as you were pregnant!”

I asked her to check her math, as there was no way that could be right. You were born about ten seconds ago and that pregnancy was FORFREAKINGEVER.

But I digress.

Ten months is harder, I think. That’s dangerously close to a year. Like, we have plans for after your birthday already. I can’t believe you’re going to be one, and that’s dangerously close to when I met your sister and she was like an adult in my eyes already. So I’m going to have two kids and no babies and I’m not sure how I feel about that.


But I do know that I love watching you grow and learn so much about the world. You love (chewing on) books, your teddy bear, and your blanket from Grandma Gigi. You love pulling yourself up on the play table (or any table really), and running around with your walker. You still like bouncing, but you’ve grown tired of being in one place for too long, so you don’t stay in your bouncer too long.

You move so quickly. Like, really. You crawl all over the house and go up and down the hallway, just for fun. You could explore the entire world with your index finger and your mouth.

You’re an amazing sleeper. A few months ago we had a few rough nights where we decided to let you cry for what was probably about 60 seconds and felt like 18 hours. Like, I was waiting for CPS to show up. But it was really only a  night or two and since then you’ve been going down at seven and waking up between five-thirty and six, which is fine because you’ll chill in your swing until it’s breakfast time. The last few mornings we’ve come in to find you standing up and playing patty cake on the side of the crib, usually making your little motor noise. It’s kind of the most adorable thing ever.


Speaking of breakfast, we’ve given up on that whole bottle thing for the most part. I give you the right amount of formula, but we mix it with cereal now unless it’s a calming, before-bed bottle. And honey? You are SO MUCH HAPPIER. We don’t fight for five hours a day, I’m less stressed because WE DON’T FIGHT FOR FIVE HOURS A DAY, and you’re actually consuming more liquid. You love sweet potatoes and squash and pears, and dislike anything acidic. And bananas. Boy do you hate bananas.

Really you hate anything with a texture, like your father. I touched yogurt to your lips (not your tongue, your LIPS) and you gagged and projectile vomited everything you ate that day. I took a shower and decided we would cool it with the yogurt for awhile.

You love playing with food, even if the look you make when you accidentally get it in your mouth is hilarious. You like graham crackers and pancakes and little pieces of whatever we can give you, really. At least until you eat them. Then you look at us like, “WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO DO TO ME WOMAN?”


Other than that, you’re a pretty happy baby. You love baths and you laugh and you’ve started saying “dada” which I’m trying not to take personally. You’re interacting with your sister more- you reached out to her when she was crying one day and I swear, little boy, seeing you take care of her was like a hug from Jesus. She loves playing with you as long as you’re not pooping, drooling, throwing up, or touching her stuff or anything that was in the house before you were born because that is hers by default. Other than that, you’re awesome!

I love you so, so much buddy. I can’t wait to see what you do this month.





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