Five on Friday

Five things which didn’t warrant their own posts this week.

1.) Dude. Spritzers. Wine spritzers. I’ve gotten totally into them. I used to be able to drink almost anyone under the table, but since having Buddy I’ve become a total lightweight. Like, one glass of wine and I am definitely tipsy. Two and I am no use to anyone.

But I love wine. So I figured cutting it with soda was a good way to cut down on the alcohol and the calories and oh my gosh you guys, it totally is. I’ve done it with white wine, red wine, blushes, pretty much everything that I don’t like drinking on its own. (Another useful point- it uses up wine you’re not crazy about.) Lemon-lime soda (diet, because the calories are more immediately worrisome than the aspartame…I’m going to get cancer anyway, really.) is tastier than club soda, but hey, I guess whatever blows your skirt up.

I’ve added bitters and berries and seriously. Changed. My. Life.

Yes. My transition to sexually frustrated soccer mom is almost complete.


2.) Buddy climbs up stairs now. Oh. Good. Because I was feeling like I almost had it under control with him just scooting around flat surfaces. And we’re moving to a house with several floors in a shockingly small number of weeks.


3.) He also does high fives and “How big is Buddy? Sooo big!” and dances when I tell him to do “happy feet.”

It almost makes up for the fact that he’s constantly searching for new and exciting ways to maim or kill himself.

4.) We went to the zoo yesterday because it was 9:02 and I had already almost lost my temper and figured we all needed to get out of the house. I even figured out how to work the two-kid stroller, which has eluded me for the past 11 months, despite the fact that I’m relatively intelligent and possessing of several degrees.

None of which taught me about strollers.

Or how to control two children at the zoo.

photo (1)

5.) Buzz is off today after two awful weeks at work. Like, he left so early and got home so late he didn’t see Buddy (literally) until last night. We have a very exciting day of grass-cutting, house cleaning, and hair-washing planned. And then hibachi. Lest we forget that we’re still relatively young.

(And then the grocery store, lest we think we’re young enough to not have responsibilities.)

(It’s all about balance, really.)

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