House Tour Tuesday: Kitchen

This kitchen, you guys. I love this kitchen. 

Part of it is that my family, friends, and I worked soooooo hard to make it what it is. My grandma had impeccable taste in her day, and not that gold-specked green formica and pink cabinets* aren’t awesome, they’re just not really my jam. And not exactly the “neutral” they tell you to shoot for when renting. 

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So much work. So so much oil-based, not-factory-normal-measurements work. Anyway, here is it now. 


We decorated the kitchen with our collection of brewery/bar signs that we’ve accumulated over the (two) years. They used to be (appropriately) on the bar but a.) we don’t have a bar here yet and b.) I never looked at them. This way I get to see all of our cool signs that remind me of all the fun places we’ve been.

The table was my 22nd birthday present, long before I knew Matt or had kids or knew if I’d ever be able to afford to live here It looks as awesome as I had hoped in the space, and I am so so happy that I finally get to use it!

Here I am getting it: 


Look how thin I am. But cranky. I was hungry. All the time. 


This is our family message/work station. The shelves are built-in, and Buzz and I each have a basket on the bottom shelf. Outgoing mail goes in the silver tray (because we’re fancy like that). The to shelf is pens, paper, dry erase markers, tack pins, and a basket for keys, tape, rubber bands, the tiny little stuff that gets lost all around a kitchen. 

Oh, and three dollars worth of silk flowers from Wal-Mart that I used to tie all the colors together. 

The wall is my favorite though- I made the calendar- it’s a 21×15 frame. I framed a piece of pretty yellow wallpaper and drew the calendar grid on it. Every month I change it out with dry-erase. It’s awesome to see our whole month laid out, and helps me from forgetting things like the children. 

(And by “I drew the calendar grid on it” I mean I told my mom I wanted to do it and she got my dad to do it correctly for me. Thanks Daddy!)

The weekly board next to it is our menu. It was not creative at all. It was $7.99 at Target but I love it like a human baby. 




Buddy’s little station, shoved between two walls so it at least slows him down when he tries to kill himself by flinging himself off the cafe-height chairs. 

(Why didn’t skinny me think of this?)

(Probably too hungry.)

Also, seven dollar valances from Wal-Mart. I know, I know, you could totally make them. Ain’t nobody got time for that. 


It’s a galley style kitchen. I thought I would miss my kitchen in the old house, since I was sooooo big, but it turns out I didn’t really need all that space. I’m not a gourmet chef, and I find it easier to move back and forth between the two counters when there’s only a few feet between them. 

Look how much storage, though! That I definitely enjoy. True story. I HATED the storage in this house six years ago. I was all, “Gah, Grandma, how could you live like this it’s so decadent and disgusting you should be able to travel with what you need to live on your back!” and I almost gave up consumer goods and lived in a yurt somewhere with a single tube of toothpaste. 

Now that it’s my stuff in all the storage spaces? I LOVE IT. SO MUCH SPACE, Y’ALL!!!!



Mostly filled with wine and rocks glasses. My mom was helping me get organized and she said, “Oh! You know what, the upper cabinets are perfect for things that you don’t use all the time! LIke martini glasses! Nobody uses those!”

“Um. Mommy. We keep two martini glasses chilled at all times.”

We also have to keep a stepstool around, since I am short. 

Finally, behold, my Keurig station-



I love it so much. I keep cookbooks on the middle shelf, and the basket is a charging center- we just run an extension cord up to the outlet. It’s not pretty, but it works. I keep Buddy’s bibs on the bottom, because he plays with them anyway so might as well make it something he can’t break. 

(He can break those creamer and sugar things, which is why they only come out for this picture. Usually the k-cup go-round is shoved way over in the corner because Buddy also enjoys gnawing on them and I have enough trouble getting them to nap without literally giving him coffee grounds to chew on.

The towel-rack-as-cup-holder thing also goes to my mom- she found it on pinterest and helped me set it up. (My dad: “Is this made to support that much weight?” Me and Mom simultaneously: “Don’t care.”)



We spend so much time in this kitchen, and it’s so sweet and homey and makes me feel sooo happy. 

*Fun fact: We’ve lived here almost two months and Buzz just realized the inside of our closets are pink. Uh. Yeah. EVERYTHING was pink. And we’re keeping it that way because feelings. 



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