Five on Friday

I’m still pretty psyched by summer, you guys. And by “psyched” I mean unbelievably happy and free and have stopped getting up with my husband most days and I swore I wouldn’t do that when we got married but you know what, I still promise to do that in sickness and in health thing, so let me sleep until 7, okay?

Anyway, I have also become retrospective in my glee, so here is a list of five things I did during the school year that I swore I would never, ever do ever in my life.

1.) Let her wear the same thing every day for most of winter.

Here is my kid at the beginning of the school  year. In an adorable Land’s End polo shirt with a cute peter pan collar and ruffles and oh my gosh just so cute!

Here is my kid after a week wearing the thing she’d wear until it became 80 degrees because that ugly overpriced white turtleneck doesn’t have any buttons, which apparently are coated with skin-melting material if you believe the screams coming from our house every morning at dressing time.

Oh wait. There’s no picture. Because there’s no point in photographing it because it’s so uncute.

(She, however, is still adorable.)

2.) Debate how sick you really have to be to miss school because a.) we’ve missed most of the days this week since a every virus that thinks about coming near the school building fells us for a week and b.) this is a really bad day because I have plans/errands/appointments.

Seriously. We got EVERYTHING. EVERYTHING. I think the last time I felt actually healthy was October. Maybe a few days in March as we switched from winter viruses to summer colds.

And there came a point where she was missing super fun stuff and I haven’t heard you sniffle in six minutes, so quick hop in the car Imma turn on Frozen really loud.

3.) Wear pajama yoga pants to drop off. And pick up. And the rest of the afternoon.

Never with  makeup. Or combed hair. No, that’s a lie. Sometimes my hair was combed. Full of coconut oil, but I had combed the coconut oil through it.

(My hair is a PROCESS, people. It’s basically a part-time job.)

Of course, as I sit here at 9:22 am typing this, I am also in pajamas. But, uh. It’s different. No one else is here. And yes I’m letting my children color the box our toilet paper came in (whoo Amazon Subscribe and Save!) but whatever, it’s summer.

4.) Throw away some of the pieces of paper that she brought home.

Mah bebe will never make anything that I will not treasure and adore….until that first week when HOLY COW do they come home with a lot of stuff. And some just isn’t that important. Really. I had to be realistic.

I’m not a bad mother. Tell me I’m not a bad mother.

5.) Hit another car during conferences.

In fairness, this one is pretty much just a daily goal of mine. Like I wake up thinking, let’s try not to hit anyone today. For serious.

But I failed to abide by this cardinal rule of mine by hitting a car at a whopping 2 mph in the parking lot leaving the conference, and another K4 mother at that. Thankfully she was afternoon, but it did totally make the end-of-the-year joint stuff awk-ward.


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