I also still have bottles of Tide from 2005.

So you guys. My house.

(What? You want to know about the year I’ve been gone? Eh, not much. Major breakdown, new niece, homeschooling, blah blah blah. Whatevs. Ooh, I have a Gwynnie Bee subscription now. That’s pretty cool.)

(Also I have a slight online shopping habit. Oops.)

(It’s been a stressful year you guys.)

Anyway. We’re painting the house. If you’re new (or just don’t care about my life) we bought my grandparents’ house a few years ago and I’m ridiculously happy in a way I haven’t been every before because I have my dream house. It’s like a hug from my Grandma and Grandpa every time I walk in the door.

It still has the same color of seafoam green on the shutters and doors that my grandparents put on in the ’60s. (Ironically, it’s back in style.)

I have always been opposed to this color scheme as it’s not my personal taste. I have always maintained that as soon as we could afford it, I wanted the house repainted and the doors red and the shutters black.

Like this. house

(Well. Not exactly like this. As this is not my house.)

See ya later, seventies! I’m super psyched for my pretty doors!

Or at least that’s how I felt until I called the painting company and they were like, “Of course we can do that for you. We’ll be over next Wednesday.”

What now?

You’re coming like¬†now to repaint the last vestige of my grandma’s taste?

No. I don’t think so.

I’m not ready for that. I mean, I’m okay with googling what it would look like and fantasizing and making the phone call, but actual paint? No no no.

So I burst into tears and called my mom and was all WHY DO WE HAVE TO DIE WHAT IS LIFE EVEN ABOUT and she was all, “Um. Okay. Yes. But if you want red you should have red. Because your grandmother won’t strike you down. Also can you hang up because I have real problems to deal with and not your paint colors.”

(That’s a lie. She totally would. But she hasn’t yet, so she must be okay with it.)

(Also my mom didn’t say that last part. Because she’s nice even when she shouldn’t be.)

So it’s been a few weeks, and I’ve cried and prayed and cried some more and I think we are going to change it. I’m keeping one door the way that it was. And I know in my heart my Grandma would be happy because she’d want me to be happy and I know she’d also like the classic look of the red and black. But I’m not sure I can watch. And I might have to have them back the next week to change it back.

(I haven’t told my husband that part yet.)

(He’s still mad at me for the last Gwynnie Bee purchase.)