KirKath Method, Step Five: One Month Later…


I know, it’s overwhelming.

But once you’ve wrestled with tossing things like gifts from dead people, you’re basically a robot, so just head to the kitchen and start getting rid of coffee mugs from college.

The rest of the house I just went through systematically by room and tossed everything that didn’t do the spark joy thing, blah blah blah. Wasn’t too difficult. The kitchen was probably the hardest, but has been the most awesome in the long run since I was able to organize it for how we actually lived our lives. It was pretty awesome.

The dining room was also pretty nice, since I was able to take stock of the serving/party ware that I have and actually use it waaaay more than I have in the past few months. So that was awesome as well.

Let’s see- closets, like front hall and stuff. I know I should have done that with clothing, but like I said, I have a life to live in between bouts of frantic KonMari’ing. So I did it separately but by the same rules. Similarly awesome.

And then, just like that? I was finished. My entire house was like 70% full (if that,) I knew exactly what I had and where it was and I genuinely took delight in putting things back in their place.

And then…real life happened. We went on a big vacation, came home with waaaay too many new things because I shop when I’m sad, we finished up school and put all that stuff away, and I ordered all the books for next year, etc. Stuff happened.

But you know what? It didn’t go astray. It’s been a little over a month since I finished and all of my systems are still in place. There are days when things are completely out of hand. Right now my bedroom looks like a bomb went off. But I know that in about ten minutes I will have everything right back where it belongs.

Even unpacking from a major trip with little ones (i.e., we brought ALL THE THINGS with us) was super easy because I knew where everything’s home was and was able to put it away really quickly. Even the kids’ rooms are still clean.



And yes, for those of you wondering, I am still using a basket of bath products every day that I move from the closet to the shower. They have stayed totally slime free, and my shower is waaay cleaner than ever before because I can wipe it down every day.

And I’m still wearing cute pajamas and nightgowns. My husband said, “Oh, I kind of thought that was a one time thing.” I’m not sure what he meant but nope, KonMari CHANGED ME DUDE.

Also I’ve worn yoga pants out once since this started, and it felt totally weird. I KNOW.

AND (perhaps most importantly) I did not throw away my children or my husband. MATURITY.

So. There you have it. My five-step easy method of KonMari’ing your whole life without losing your mind or your sense of humor. Or your spouse. Because it gets super annoying sometimes.

I’ll be over here chillaxing in my clean house awaitng the requests to pay me ridiculous amounts of money to help YOU organize YOUR lives too!

(I’m kidding. I just want to sit here with wine.)


(That’s not me.)

(KonMari is awesome, but it cannot turn you into a a 6′ blond model and your perfectly nice suburban single family home into a penthouse with a view.)



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