It’s the most wonderful time of the year…


A whole week where it makes sense for me to just make lists and read books and write stuff in an overpriced planner and ignore the children because “Mommy has to work for school right now bye!!”

Try not to be too jealous of how sexy I look.


I love it.

Lesson planning is my spirit animal.

I wrote about this a few weeks ago, but last year we didn’t really lesson plan for a lot of reasons. Mostly because I went crazy. Also because it was K5 and I had no idea how to do lesson plans for a tiny little homeschooler. Aren’t you still like napping? We don’t need to plan that. And I bought ALL THE BOOKS and then used like six of them. But oh well.

This year, I had my stuff together. I knew what worked for our family and was able to buy appropriately.

We used a combination of Seton and A Beka books for most subjects. I love Seton because they’re so Catholic and weave a devotion to the Saints and Mary throughout the book. But they also say things like “Columbus is all good because he was killing those Indians for the Pope.” And I love A Beka because they are sooo good at explaining math and English for little kids but they say things like “Kill all the Papists.”

So we mix and match.

This year is first grade, so the first real year that we’re doing real school. We’re using A Beka for Grammar, Writing, Cursive, and Math. Seton is covering most of religion (I supplement depending on liturgical season,) American history, and handwriting. We have a few spelling books that we’ll use and- my favorite- LATIN.

I am teaching my baby girl Latin and I AM SO EXCITED OMG.

(It’s a four-year program, and I’m not crazy- she is six. BUT I WILL NOT BE DETERRED.)


I decided to use Erin Condren for a planner this year too. I have the best daily planner from her and also I felt like if I put this under school expenses I could spend more money. Which is pretty much always my goal.


I organized it by week and then went through everything we need to get accomplished that week. So I’ll save a ton of time every week because I know exactly what I need to spread out over the the five days (or four. Or three. We have a lot of vacation days.)

I was super impressed with myself because even without trying suuper hard everything pretty much worked out perfectly to wrap up at the end of May. Because again with the vacation.

I love me some vacation.


Science was definitely most difficult. I hate the science books we have available to us in those two programs- Seton’s isn’t great and A Beka’s is very…um…fundamental. Which is great. If you’re an evangelical Protestant. And we’re…not.

So we joined the Magic School Bus science club, and we get science experiment every month. We got backlogged last year (because of the crazy) so I had enough to cover the entire year. For each unit I found books and videos and stuff to supplament, and Squeaks can do the experiments with Buzz on the weekends.

Because he is the science parent. I am the rambling about Church history and the Jewish roots of Christianity parent.

(Equally important really.)

(Not really.)


I had so much fun going through and outlining the year. Because I love me some lists.

Almost as much as vacation.

(Not really.)

Tomorrow I’m posting about my lesson plans for ME for next year. I know, right? Self care. Super exciting.

Fingers crossed we’ll avoid a breakdown this year!!!

(Probably not.)

(But we can try!)



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