Five on Friday: Amusement Park Edition

Buzz is on vacation this week and we’re doing the typical Midwestern parent thing of NOT RELAXING AT ALL JUST HAVING FUN ALL THE TIME OMG. 

(So in case you were wondering, my transformation into my parents is almost complete. It should only be a week or two before I start going to Fleet Farm for fun on the weekends.)

Yesterday we went to Bay Beach with 1/3 of the extended family, and the following lessons were learned.

1.) Buddy could literally not control his excitement. 

When we pulled up, he started screeching like a howler monkey and literally did not have words for what he wanted to say. “Mommy! Mommy! More??!?” 

This is a kid who gets excited about being taken out of his car seat relatively quickly, so real live rides with real live trains and all sorts of other real live crap that appeals to crazy little boys? I was surprised he didn’t pass out from the excitement.

2.) I get sick on rides. This is a crying shame. I had no choice but to sit on a bench and read my tablet. (Also they had reasonably priced cheese fries. It’s basically heaven.)

3.) I am not an overprotective mother in the least. I let my kids play outside, I don’t scream “OH MY GOD WHAT’S WRONG??” Like my mom when one of them sneezes funny. 

But I have my limits. It was terrifying to put my kids on toy boats that were built 15 years before I was born.

4.) You can put kids on any number of incarnations of the same ride- various items on the ends of spokes coming out of a mechanical wheel- give them a non functioning steering wheel or a bell? And they will be happy for HOURS.

It’s delightful, really.

5.) Having your shoe break and having to shuffle across the park in a downpour isn’t so much fun.

But the joy on your kids’ faces will make up for it.

(Also they’ll sleep really well on the way home.)


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