Four Years

Buzz and I have been married for four years today. This makes me feel a variety of things, like happy, and thankful, and old.

Happy because I am so, so glad that I met him and we fell in love and he gave me the best life ever and my beautiful children.

Thankful because I’ve been with him on a fourth anniversary¬†before, an anniversary that was devastating. And it made me realize that I have to be thankful for every single moment alive together that we get to experience our marriage. Because it can be gone so incredibly fast.

And old because geez, I’ve been married FOUR YEARS. That like one away from five. And that’s halfway to ten. And MARRIED FOR TEN YEARS? Might as well retire amiright?

Our wedding was wonderful. I was worried it wouldn’t be- I was worried somebody was going to pass out or flip out or Buzz would be too upset by having to go through the actual wedding party again and ugh, I just wanted it over with.

And then our rehearsal day happened and shit hit the fan big time. His mom was in the hospital, my mom was maybe having a blood clot problem, the priest who was officiating wasn’t there and the one who was told us to stand different places, my sister’s bank account had been hacked, Buzz’s car was broken, and the photographer had just called to tell us we couldn’t take pictures where we wanted because of an air show we didn’t know about.

Oh well. I was a pretty laid back bride, in that I didn’t care about much of anything except the Mass, so we just pushed through and once everybody was released from the hospital, it was a gorgeous, beautiful wedding day.


We did pictures before the ceremony, because we had an evening Mass. That was super cool and made the day just so much fun.


I got super into swinging.


This was totally normal and not at all awkward.


I did my own makeup- I told you, as long as they played the right Ave Maria, I was fine with anything.


Buzz and I cared more about the Mass than anything else, and I love that we were so in line with each other on this. We knew what was important about the day to us and it was so special to share this. The party was cool. It was awesome and we had so much fun. But the Sacramental union and the graces we received that day continue to help us every single day in our marriage.


Two former altar servers get married and yeah, there’s gonna be incense.


One of the priests who witnessed our marriage was (is) a dear friend of mine. We were talking at the reception and he told me that he looked over at me after we said our vows and was bowled over because it hit him that I was a totally different person. God had fundamentally changed the person I was, and made me one with my husband. We were totally changed because of this sacrament. I thought that was one of the coolest things anyone said about our wedding.


It was kind of funny because I thought the same thing watching his ordination, and while we don’t believe that it’s necessarily an ontological change like that which occurs when a man is ordained, the Holy Spirit truly works to to change you and your spouse and I love that it is so apparent spiritually.


The party was, of course, really fun too.



So thank you, honey. Thank you for marrying me and taking on everything in my life and being so understanding when I need help taking on everything in yours. Thank you for building this life and this family with me. Thank you for helping me get to Heaven. Thank you for being you.


I love you and I’m so so thankful I sat next to you that day.



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