Morning, loves. Today we’re talking about makeup, which isn’t that surprising. I’m pretty much always talking about makeup. Or therapy. Or both. But this is kind of different. We spent last weekend in the Great Expensive North with Buzz’s parents, camping.

I know. Camping. What. Not my jam. I do not like to camp.

It’s okay. They don’t really either.

They have a gorgeous RV hooked up to water and electricity and a fridge stocked with cheese and better wine than I can afford on my own. They set the coffee to brew in the morning, and my husband turns into a guy from a nature food commercial and insists on cooking all of our food over the campfire while I sit inside drinking coffee or wine. (Probably wine. I’m on vacation. It’s always wine time.)

Now, granted, it’s not as perfect as it was in 2011. Buzz and I weren’t married yet, and so when we joined his parents for a weekend at the camper we obviously slept separately. I had the whole master suite to myself- huge bed, overhead light, a door that closed.

Oh man. Married life is lovely. But virginity had way more room.

By the next year I was married and almost pregnant and no one cared about my virtue anymore and I was on a pullout couch. *sigh*

I mean, I love being a wife and mother! Yeah!

No for reals, one of my favorite parts of the camper (or any traveling really) is that I get to sleep next to my husband with our babies right next to us in the next bed. Our kids sleep in in their own rooms, and really always have. I’m not complaining about that. At all. But it’s so cozy to sleep with them right there, so that’s super fun.

Anyway, I certainly wasn’t going to go without makeup for the weekend. I mean, we had big things like…sit on the beach planned. But I legitimately don’t do makeup for anyone else, I just love to play with it.

So here is my Super Awesome Not Patented Way to Get Pretty in the Woods. (As long as you have a shower, a sink, and some patience.)

First of all, tools. You do not have to lug your entire vanity to the northwoods. I mean, you can. And God knows I have done that on vacation. Ask my dad sometime about the bag of shoes I dragged all over the East Coast in 2010. He loves that story.


I can fit all my stuff in a makeup case. The handled ones are nice if you’re “camping” because you can just carry it to the bathroom and not worry about bags and other random crap that you have to keep track of.

The kids have enough of that.

I keep brushes in the pencil-like case. A few eye brushes, a blending brush, and a blush brush, and you’re good to go. The separate case keeps them from getting lost or bent or anything.


Liquids go in a bag in the same container. I bring one cleanser (Philosophy’s Purity) when I’m traveling. It cuts through EVERYTHING, and can be decanted into tiny containers. I usually do the same thing with moisturizers, but I had a few from Birchbox that were pretty good, so I just brought one of those along.

For the actual makeup, primers, setting sprays are key to making it last. I use Smashbox for primers (face and eyelid) and they are really the best. I’ve spent so much money trying to find a better cheaper one, but I just can’t. Better to suck it up and pay the $21. You will not regret it. This weekend I brought NYX Matte Finishing Spray. It’s not my favorite- that’s Urban Decay’s All Nighter Setting Spray. But it’s super expensive and a big bottle and I didn’t want to take a chance losing it in a campground bathroom. NYX works almost as well honestly, and it was like $6.

For actual makeup, I stuck with palettes and powder formulas mostly. It made packing a lot easier and I had the freedom to do basically any look I wanted.

I didn’t, because I’m a mom who was camping. BUT IT’S NICE TO KNOW THAT I COULD!


I’m in love with Ulta’s Sculpting Palette. Got it for free during their 21 Days of Beauty Event (I’ll have a post on that next week- so many good deals!) in a Buy 2, Get 2 promotion. It has a passable contour/bronzer shade, a really nice highlighter, and a blush. I legitimately love the highlighter. I use it most days actually.

The blush is a really pretty pink with a light shimmer, and great for a neutral look.

The contour isn’t amazing by any means- we’re not talking Anastasia here. But it definitely does the job and some days I even prefer it because it blends so well in my pale skin. And really, you’re not going for a full contour on a camping trip anyway, right? I just wanted it to look like I had cheekbones at one point in my life.

I used Laura Gellar’s Balance and Brighten foundation, and Tarte’s Shape Tape concealer. I used my fingers and a brush to blend them, and oh man I DESPERATELY MISSED MY BEAUTY BLENDER YOU GUYS.

Alas, there was no place to dry my Beauty Blender, and so it had to stay home.

That little bit of roughing it aside, I think I did pretty well.

I brought along the Tartelette palette and a black eyeliner, and did a fair job on making a halfway decent eye the first day. Sunday I neglected to realize how difficult it was to get mascara perfect when you’re rushing to get to Mass and then when it ends up on your eyelids it’s really hard to blend out without…well, anything to blend it out with.



Some setting powder (I used valuable real estate and brought my full size Laura Mercier setting powder, because you really cannot do better than that) and a few spritzes with the NYX spray, and I was good to go all day. At like 5 pm Buzz looked at me and said, “Wow. Your makeup still looks really good! We must buy good stuff!”

Which is the first and last time he has been thankful for the amount of money I spend on makeup.

Here I am at the end of the day-


Still pretty good. And obviously outlasted my straightener. Geez. My baby hair is so curly. Jesus Himself could straighten it and it would only last an hour.

Oh, and the most important thing- SUNSCREEN. Any kind. All kinds. ALL THE TIME.

Ain’t no primer that covers up the horrific sunburns I get from, like, standing outside for a minute.


Literal white girl problems, yo.


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