Recipe Weekend: Witches Revenge

I’m feeling Halloweeny guys.

That’s a lie. I can’t stand Halloween. It’s a pain to get costumes for kids and I don’t enjoy the decorations and blah, do not like.

But Buzz is gone for the evening and I’m kicking back with my current favorite cocktail, the Witches Revenge, from Colonial Williamsburg’s Chowning Tavern.

Oh man, this drink y’all.

So I thought I’d be nice and share and also I don’t feel like writing about food tonight I just wanna drink my rum but I’ve done so well with the blogging this week I want to keep up my goals!

So! Here is a recipe. For a drink. That is super tasty.


Fill 16- to 20-oz glass with ice.

Combine 1 part Apricot brandy (sold at specialty liquor stores with the cordials usually- I don’t know why), 1 part dark rum, and 1 part white rum. Fill remainder of glass with pineapple juice. Stir to combine.

Sip out of an adorable novelty glass until the stresses of the day fade away.


Happy weekend!



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