ipsy and Birchbox: October arrivals!

Morning, y’all! Last week I received both my ipsy glambag and my Birchbox ot he same day and the angels rejoiced and the heavens sang and…well okay, really I just got a lot of crappy little samples. But you know how I feel about getting packages.

I also had some help with the unboxing/bagging from my personal assistant Squeaks, who just told me she wants to start a blog. Help us all.

Winner this month is definitely ipsy. Once again, Birchbox is getting canceled. I bought another month because it gave me free shipping on something else that I needed, so it ended up being only $4, which isn’t too bad. And I got a bamfy mascara, so there’s that.

First of all, the ipsy bag is adorable. It’s all Halloween-y, and even the witches are cute and look like Bewitched and that makes me feel nostalgic for watching Bewitched on the Hallmark channel when I was younger and oh, those were the days my friend.

I literally thought they’d never end and I’d die alone.

All of the products this month were great too- I received the Tatcha Cleansing Oil,  Ciate Fierce Flicks eyeliner (YAAAASSSS QUEEN), Cosmoholic Liquid Lipstick in Mysterious Mocha, Indi Beauty Buttercream Antioxidant Lip Scrub, and Adesse New York Liquid Chrome Nail Lacquer.

Total winners were the Ciate Fierce Flicks eyeliner and the liquid lipstick. I actually don’t have a liquid eyeliner pen, so that’s cool. It goes on really smoothly and stays put. I like that. The tip is really nice and bendy so you can get where you need to.

The lipstick is a great consistency, not minty (yay) and while it’s too dark for a nude on me it’s definitely good for layering with other colors. I have a lot of deep berry lipsticks that look too blue, and the brown helps turn that down. I’m wearing it over the elf Scarlet Nights in these pictures.

The cleansing oil is amazing. It takes all the makeup off and I haven’t felt overly greasy, just clean and even. My only problem is that the full size is $48 and that’s kind of steep for a product you’re supposed to use one whole teaspoonful of every night.  The lip scrub is a lip scrub- not really necessary but kind of fun to play with.

And honestly I haven’t used the nail polish yet. I don’t go a whole lot of places in which liquid chrome is appropriate. But it looks fun. My kid enjoyed it!

Overall, 4/5.

BirchBox wasn’t terrible either. The box was cute and artsy, which I liked. (It looks adorable holding my primers in my bathroom now.) I received the Escada Agua del Sol scent, Tocca Hand Cream in cucumber and grapefruit, Mally Mascara (YES!!!), Sugargoop Anti-Aging Eye Cream, and Number 4 Prep and Protect Hair spray.

I thought the Mally mascara was going to be the only standout honestly. Not too liquid, great brush, and I don’t even mind the sample size because I never use up mascara before you’re supposed to throw it away. It looked amazing when I put it on on top of my previous coats for these pictures and I was super excited.

Unfortunately on naked lashes it was really really unimpressive. Clumpy, did nothing to lengthen, and just not good. I tried to salvage it with my trusty tube of Better Than Sex mascara, but even that didn’t work. Booo.

The hand cream and eye cream were not offensive. All did what they were supposed to do, so I guess that’s good. Just not terribly exciting.

The hair spray was AMAZING. I didn’t think it was going to be overhwelming, but I used it and then dried my hair without any other products and OH MY GOSH IT’S AMAZING. Seriously. My hair is soft and clean and fluffy but not frizzy and shiny and it’s amazing.

The perfume I couldn’t stand. It smelled like I spritzed myself with a grapefruit. Nothing light and citrusy- just…grapefruit. A lot of grapefruit.

So overall, not great. I loved the hair spray. And three other samples were fine, just not like uber life changing. So yeah, BirchBox is getting the ax again.

I did film a video unboxing, but it’s my first try and oh man it’s bad. Maybe someday I’ll put it up but today is not that day.

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