Kat von D MetalMatte Palette Review

If you know me, I’m like the most conservative, white bread, middle-class, suburban mom thing you could imagine. I’m not even 30 yet and the feelings the thought of getting a minivan evoke in me are enough to send me to confession.

I’m the least likely person in the world, with the possible exception of Queen Elizabeth, to be infatuated with Kat von D’s makeup line.


I started out with her Shade and Light Eye Contour palette, and now I have a bunch of the Lock It line, and I’m literally salivating over the Tattoo eyeliner. It’s just a darn good thing that only Sephora carries her stuff in store (there isn’t one near me), because I COULD NOT BE TRUSTED.

The Kat von D major holiday release this year is the MetalMatte Palette, and obviously, I had to have it. I’ve heard that in previous years, some of her holiday releases were not the same quality as the normal production, but this one seemed exactly the same in terms of texture, staying power, and blendability.

First of all, it’s $60 and currently only available on katvondbeauty.com. Sephora has it listed as sold out, but sometimes they bring them back, so keep checking.

It’s an unbelievable value. This is a HUGE palette. Look. It’s like bigger than my head. It’s almost twice as big as my previous largest palette, and makes a Tarte palette look like a fun size candy bar.


I saw a YouTube video review where the person broke down how much it costs per gram of product, and it’s somwhere in the $1.50 range. This is INSANE. Most high end palettes are over 3. Anything in the $2 range is a really good deal. $1.50 is basically drug store.


There are 22 shades total- 13 matte shades and 9 shimmer shades. Some of the shimmer ones are a little chunky in terms of glitter, but some are very subtle.


The matte shades are really high quality. There is a ton of color pigmentation, but they blend super easily so you can actually wear them out in public if you’re going somewhere other than a rave.


(Are raves a thing? I don’t know. I really want a minivan.)

An amazing selection of colors, and then some neutrals as well.

Here is a brown neutral eye I did a few days ago.


I swept Suede into my crease with an elf crease brush. Next I packed on oak on the outer third of my lid with a flat Morphe brush, and Synergy on the middle third, using the same kind of brush. I used Glaze in the inner corner, and linen on the browbone. Blended together they look amazing, I think.

I also am obsessed with the blue and green shades sheered out so I can wear them for every day. I have blue/green eyes, and I feel like these are super flattering.


Here I took Moss and blended it on the lid with Oak into my crease to tone it down a little bit. I used Ignite in the inner corner. Totally wearable when sheered out like this.

I also did a traditional smokey eye look for a bridal shower I attended.

Jet and Stone are GORGEOUS neutral shades in black and gray, and I used Linen and Tinsel as a highlight.

Overall, I’ve used almost every shade in the palette for something, and I’m loving the fact that I have these high quality shades that I wouldn’t normally keep in my collection. They are super blendable, but you can also pack on the shadow to increase color payoff.

I’ve also tried lining my eyes with a wet liner brush and one of the metal shades. It was really intense, which could be something to keep in mind if you do more things than I do.

(Minivans don’t really require metallic eyeliner.)


Definitely worth the investment for this awesome, unique palette.


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