Ipsy December Unbagging!

Here in the 21st century it’s not so much fun to get the mail. I mean, I don’t even get bills in the mail. Those are taken care of in a monthly “discussion” with Buzz about how Sephora doesn’t count as groceries. It’s basically just the village newsletter and real estate pamphlets. Seriously guys, we’re not moving. I’m getting carted out of here in a bag.


But I do get ipsy, so that’s a super fun mail day. And it’s almost always a surprise. (Because their tracking software SERIOUSLY lacks.)

This month was amazing. Like, seriously. I absolutely love literally everything in it. img_6101

The bag itself this month? Meh. Not my jam. It’s like a fake cheap fur with sparkles that go everywhere and Lord knows I do not need more to clean up. I gave it to my six-year-old, who loves all manner of tacky things, as she is a six-year-old.

She loves it.

I received a concealer brush from some random company, a theBalm mascara, Hanalei Lip Treatment, a sparkly copper eyeshadow from M Princess, and Tarte Maracuja Oil

If there was a dud in the bag, it was the concealer brush. I have a ton of brushes and while I am ALWAYS excited to get new high quality ones, overall I’m not overwhelmed with the quality of the ones I’ve received in subscription bags. And concealer brushes aren’t terribly helpful for me, since I’m in a beauty blender stage. But I use them for eye shadow or contouring or something. It was a perfectly good brush, just not exciting or amazing.

The lip treatment is super good. It’s a very thick, vaseline-like consistency. Here in the frozen tundra, that’s super nice. I drink gallons of water a day, constantly reapply lip balm, and I’m still always dry. I slather this on while I’m getting ready after a lip exfoliant treatment and by the time I’m ready for lipstick my lips are soft and hydrated.

And they stay that way too, for like five minutes. That’s not the product’s problem. That’s the fact that I live on Hoth.

The eyeshadow is interesting. I wasn’t sure I was into it at first, because when I opened it, it exploded and glitter literally floated through the air. I’m not a huge glitter person, so I didn’t think I was going to use it a whole lot.

But the base color is a really nice maple-copper, and I’ve fooled around with it enough to know that if use it dry as a highlight in the middle of my lid, it’s lovely. Today I used a wet brush and packed it on the inner two thirds of my lid as the main color, blending with a matte brown in the outer v and crease. It came out really nicely I think- winter-y and fun but not overpowering.


The mascara is AMAZING YO. It’s a really nice curved brush, and the consistency is more of a gel than a liquid.


I have crap lashes and I didn’t do anything except curl them here I was really impressed. My only complaint is that that the container doesn’t close easily- maybe mine is broken or something, but I have to push the wand in really hard.

(Undereye wrinkles say hey.)

My favorite though? The Tarte Maracuja Oil. I can’t use most oils because I’m allergic to argan oil. And again, THE AIR IS HURTING MY FACE. Mama needs an oil. This one is AMAZING. I use three or four drops at night instead of a moisturizer. If I go without makeup for a day I just slather it on several times during the day.

I legitimately have noticed a difference in the brilliance of my skin. My major problem with wrinkles is around my mouth (probably from pursing my lips in disgust so frequently) and on my forehead. I feel like I’m inordinately wrinkled for being 29 and taking relatively good care of myself, but whatever. This has made my mouth a lot better and my forehead even a little bit too. I am totally in love. It’s a decent sized sample, and I will definitely replace it when I run out.

5/5 this month, ipsy. I’m glad you won out over Birchbox.




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