Christmas 2016 in Photos

I have legitimately no idea what day it is, but my calendar told me to post today. I haven’t eaten a real meal in like a week, and I have a wedding to be in/help with a little bit in like FOUR DAYS and yeah, no real thoughts.

NEXT WEEK THOUGH, Y’ALL. I have posts already written about various things like my NYE makeup, and why I’ve started wearing a chapel veil, and all sorts of fun stuff like that.


We (finally) bought a tree because we abide by the liturgical calendar darn it, and certainly not that we’re lazy at all.

The kids decorated it, and then Buddy was devastated when we were finished. He’s a…special boy.

They also decorated cookies, which was less decorating and more eating sprinkles by the spoonful. So that was super fun.

The first family Christmas was a rousing success. My kid got a perfume lab, which is apparently the most exciting thing ever. Buddy did a little liturgical dance during the Nativity Play. There was tinsel. And kringle. Totally awesome.

We did presents from Mommy and Daddy on Christmas Eve night. I feel like we’ve finally hit our stride of celebrating Christmas. Everyone gets to spend time with family, and we even have time together as our little family.

Joey loves his Mater chair. He refuses to get up from it.

Santa came overnight and it was delightful. Squeaks got a Flutterbye, which was the one thing she desperately wanted. Of course, two minutes later it got stuck in her hair and she hates it now and won’t touch it. Of course.


Someone (*cough*my mother*cough*) gave Buddy a motorcycle that makes noise. He plopped his 16-month old cousin on the back and took off. We haven’t seen him since.


My niece hates everyone except her mom. I was literally there when she was born and have seen her almost every single day since then and when I hold her IN FULL VIEW of her mother, she shrieks like I’m having her put on an orphan train.

Except my husband. She looooves Buzz. Will go with him anywhere. Or sit with him for a long time. I don’t get it.

But it’s adorable.


My sister realized we have (DECORATIVE) candles in our bedroom and finds it hilarious. So she gave us a lovely gift.

I’m burning it right now.


Final family Christmas was at our house the next morning. We had a wonderful brunch with my in laws and the BRIDE AND GROOM OMG and no one even caught the stomach flu (fingers crossed) so YAY!

Buddy will not take off his firefighter costume. Like, we bathe him and he demands to put it right back on. It’s been days. It’s hilarious.

It was a successful Christmas I believe. We spent wonderful lovely time with everyone we love and got to celebrate the Incarnation. Super awesome.



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