Good Reading

Being fairly boring, I’m used to coming late to everything from episodes of Sherlock and Game of Thrones (still haven’t seen the Red Wedding and yeah I know it was like ten years ago already) to acronyms (“Guys I’m tired AF today. Guys? Where are you going? Come be my friends!”) So it makes sense that this year, 2017, I’ve just discovered how awesome Goodreads is.

I love to read. When I was little I would read while I walked and then I’d walk into things, because I’m not that coordinated. (I walk into stuff normally, even without the book.) I gave up Nancy Drew books for Lent the year that I was 8. I got up at 2am on Sundays to read as much as possible before going back to the Lenten fast. Literally my favorite thing about my iPhone is the kindle app that lets me read a book while it looks like I’m checking the weather or something. People get so touchy when you whip out a book in front of them. Sheesh. It’s not my fault you’re boring and I’d rather be reading by myself.

I have always dreamed of a way of recording everything I read. For a while I even had like a tumblr thing but I had to set it up and I’m just not that technological. Also it was like 2004 so really, nobody wanted to read that shit. Goodreads is amazing for that. I get to record every book I finish and write a review if I like, which I do like because I HAVE SO MANY OPINIONS AND ONLY SO MANY FRIENDS GUYS WHERE ARE YOU GOING????

I read like I watch TV. I don’t always remember all the crappy, quick, but pleasant books I read. I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing. I don’t remember all the crappy Bravo shows I’ve ever watched either. But it’s nice to see them all in one place, because otherwise you’re standing at the library going “Have I read this Elin Hilderbrand?”

(Because the synopsis doesn’t help at all. Somebody runs away to Nantucket and falls in love with the most inappropriate person ever and has 18 bottles of Sancerre over about 400 pages. Lovely. Cute. Done in an afternoon.)

I love that I can keep track of the books that I’m reading for different things, too. I like to only read one book at a time, and I do. Mostly. But lately, I’ve had one “real” book going, a kindle book for when I’m stuck with boring people or in lines, book club book, and my prayer group book. Oh and the “good for me” book that I read every morning. So that’s five that I have going at one time, and it’s nice to track my progress and not feel overwhelmed.

Anybody else get overwhelmed by their books? No? Just me? Okay.

I haven’t done too much shelving and stuff yet, because I own a shit ton of books (the true measurement) and I don’t have time and I don’t want to to do it halfway because that will bug me. So maybe someday. For now, I’m loving tracking what I’m reading.

I also am doing the reading challenge this year- I originally did 60 books, figuring a little more than one a week was okay for the way my life is right now. (Those small people ALWAYS NEED SOMETHING.) But after a week and hitting ten percent, I realized that when I’m focused on reading, and counting all the religion/prayer group/book club books I read a ton more than I thought. So I bumped it up to 100.

If you read at all, love keeping track of things (I LOVE KEEPING TRACK OF ALL THE THINGS!!!!) or want fun recommendations from your friends, seriously, download this app or visit the website.



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