IT Cosmetics All in One Review!

One of my absolutely favorite Christmas gifts this year was the IT Cosmetics All-in-One Palette from QVC. It’s not available right now, but hopefully they’ll rerelease it.

This is an amazing product. It’s small- about five inches square. But the number of products- oh my gosh.


18 eyeshadows, a combination of matte and shimmer All are really nice quality and such a good combination of neutral colors with some pops (the lavender on the right and the bronze on the right.) The top pans are highlighter- one cream and one liquid. I’m not a huge fan of creme highlighter, but oh my gosh this one is amazing. I usually layer it under my powder and finish it with the powder highlighter, which has more of a gold tinge.


That opens up to reveal four cream concealer pans. I use the two light shades for concealing blemishes almost every day. My go to concealer is Tarte Shape Tape, but that works better for me as a highlighting concealer. These are amazing for covering spots. I haven’t used the darker two shades yet, but I want to try using them as a cream contour.

The larger pans are the Pressed and Poreless translucent powder which is AMAZING. I am seriously going to order a full size when I use this up. The bronzer is a nice, warm brown that blends easily. I don’t use bronzer a ton, and I usually contour with a cool tone. But I was so impressed with this palette that I decided to try contouring with it and yeah, it’s awesome. The blendability is key here- even though it’s a warmer tone than I’m used to it blends into my skin so nicely.


But we’re not done! There’s a separate drawer underneath with three blushes, and six lip colors. The blushes are the same quality as the rest of the powders- really nice and blendable. The lipsticks are also fantastic- I love the selection of colors, all deeper except one pink that I layer over others.

So really, this is an insane deal. The amount of product you’re getting is unbelievable and everything I’ve used has been IT Cosmetics quality- not mass-produced holiday release crappy like they can be.

If I have any complaints, it’s that the concealers should have a cover or something over them, since I pretty constantly have to dig eyeshadow out of there that’s fallen in. And the lipsticks are so nice that I wish I was better about remember to bring the palette with me. But I’m not and that’s not really their fault.

There’s so much in this palette that you can do a face pretty much entirely composed from it. Here’s one I did last weekend.



Foundation is Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Water foundation, eyeliner is Smashbox Always Sharp in Raven, Mascara is TooFaced Better Than Sex, and eyebrows are Maybelline micro precise something.

Other than that, everything is from this palette. I layered the cream highlighter under the translucent powder and finished it with the powder after setting my makeup. I blended together the two pink blushes, contoured with the bronzer, and layered three of the lip colors.

The eyes are a soft but pigmented look. I wanted to smoke it out a little, but wasn’t going for drama this Sunday morning. (I’m rarely going for drama in ANYTHING on Sunday morning. There’s enough drama trying to get kids to church.) I used mostly the bottom line of shadows, highlighting with some of the top shades.

Overall, 5/5 for this palette. Unbelievable value, so much fun using the different products, and you’re able to do literally any neutral or soft look you can think of with this.

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