Birthday Weekend Carnage

Last week was Squeaks’ birthday (see my nauseatingly sentimental post below,) and we had overnight guests and parties and Buzz took off and it turned into a several day Bachanalia that taught me that a.) I am not 25 anymore with regards to the drinking, b.) cards against humanity is amazing, and c.) my family are horrible people. But funny. Horrible and funny.

And then I spent all day Saturday cleaning. Literally. All day.

And honestly, it was glorious. I really enjoyed myself.

I am old.

We woke up and the birthday girl got dressed exclusively in Rainbow Dash’s spring 2017 line.

The house was decorated for her, as per her specific requests.

She received presents from us (makeup, natch) and was given chocolate chip pancakes. 

We had barely finished digesting when she requested Culver’s for lunch, and well, you can’t say no. 

Catboy accompanied us and also enjoyed himself.

Catboy also got into the cupcakes and we had a very stern talk about licking things and putting them back. 

She had a wonderful party with literally everyone we know.

Then things got real. Hilariously real.

The next morning she and her friend played with glitter and paint and succeeded in getting it in between each and every floorboard! I know! Impressive!

Buddy was done.

We had another party.

Buddy was super done.

Then after I basically burned the house clean, I was able to relax with a book while other people watched football.

It was lovely.

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