March ipsy!

This month was a solid 2.5 from me, dog.

(Is it not 2003 anymore? No?)

I’m not canceling my subscription, but I’m not like super excited to use a whole lot of the products either.

The bag itself looked like it was going to be cute. I thought it was a clutch sort of thing, but it’s not. It’s just a bigger square and the top folds over. The sides are different fabric. Neither side is super cute. I’m not mad though because I use ipsy bags as purse dividers and a slightly bigger one is awesome, even if it’s ugly.

I received five okay products. The first one is a 10-in-1 hair spray (really? 10?) that I can’t use because of argan oil. I get that it’s super popular now guys, but I think there should be an allergy option.

I also received a blending brush. Whoo. I mean, I love getting new brushes. But I’ve gotten them the last few months.

Same with the gold shimmery eyeshadow. I could open an emporium of ipsy samples of gold shimmery eyeshadow. Let’s try silver! Or a matte!

The final two products I am excited about. I got the tarte quick drying lip paint in Rose- which is not actually rose colored, but a total true brown nude. But it doesn’t smell like mint.

And finally the Chella eyebrow highlighter pencil. I’m really excited to see if I like this- I don’t have anything like it in my collection. 

2.5/5 ipsy. GET BETTER DAMMIT.


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