I have been so blessed to have many wonderful priests throughout my life. Good men, good confessors, good guys to drink with…they ran a gamut. One of the most special was wour old associate pastor from when I was little. He left right after my First Communion but he was one of those priests that even though I was eight the last time he was my priest, you love him exactly the same.

He gave me my First Holy Communion. (Well, okay, some mom in our class did. Because it was the 90s and no one realized that using EMHCs for First Communion kind of cuts down on the symbolism for the kids.) He was my first confessor (although I was eight, so probably not terribly exciting.)

He was a wonderful family friend and just a really good guy. Humble and just so genuinely interested in helping others come closer to God through His Church.

And on Friday, he was ordained a bishop  for our archdiocese.

I was so honored to be able to attend. And by honored, I mean I was bragging about how my sister got to go because she’s a reporter with a job and a life and blah blah blah I’ve got to go do some more laundry. And one of the women I was talking to was like oh man I’ve got a ticket for that do you want it? um only hell yeah sorry is that the wrong reaction to attending an ordiation?

I was lucky enough to go to a very good friend’s ordination to the priesthood a bunch of years ago back when I was young and single and I’m pretty sure I wore a dress from the Kohl’s junior department.

(Not so this time. I had to find childcare and spanx.) Lipstick on point though, thanks to my sister-in-law. (Lipsense you guys- so fun!)

But I’ve never been to an episcopal ordination, and it was so beautiful. The ceremony and the prayers of ordination and just everything…so lovely.

And it was so special that it was for one of the best priests I’ve ever known.

I’m short, so most of the pictures aren’t very good. And he’s short, so most of the pictures don’t include him at all. But my daughter saw me receive Communion on YouTube, so she’s pretty impressed by the whole thing.


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