It’s my mom’s birthday tomorrow, and I’m having trouble writing this post. Not because there isn’t enough to say, but because there literally is nothing that she is not to me. 

She is my best friend, my first and best teacher, and the person who cares more about me than anyone else in the world.

She (and my dad) has given me everything in my life. She raised me to know and love God, she taught me how important family was, and she loves me no matter what.

The only time I’ve ever really been unhappy in life was when I was pushing her away.

She loves my husband and my children and genuinely delights when I am happy.

She will help me with anything. Any time. For any reason. 

Last year, I did a 60 times I loved you thing for her 60th birthday. There are so many more than 60.

She sat in the nicu with me every day all day when I was born, never stopping praying or believing that I would be okay. 

She kept me hooked up to a heart monitor waaaay longer than she was supposed to because she worried about me.

She quit her lucrative job to homeschool me even though she had no idea what that meant really.

(And look! It changed generations!) 

She listened to me go back and forth over every single academic decision I ever made. 

She was super proud of me for having an office.

She sat outside my thesis defense and took a picture of the window of the room I was in because it was that important to her.

When I passed, she was the first person I called. Not my fiancé. Not my friends. My mom. Because no one had been through more with me and cared more about that day.

She took my husband and my daughter into her heart immediately and helped me become the wife and mother I want to be. 

She wore a dress to my wedding even though she really didn’t want to.

She knew I was pregnant with Buddy before I told her. 

She knows when I need help without being told. 

She helps me literally every day with something.

She is amazing.

Throughout everything, even at the worst times, I have never been able to consider a life without her. Because a life without her would be a life without a part of myself. 

I love you, Mommy! I can’t wait to celebrate another year with you! 

(And by celebrate I mean have you take care of my crap for another year.)

(Yay! Get psyched!)


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