Easter Weekend in Pictures

(Just the unimportant non-church parts because I didn’t take any pictures at Mass.)

(Actually, as I was writing this it became apparent that I didn’t take a lot of pictures of a lot of stuff. So…here’s some pics of my kids from the weekend at random events!)

We awake on Good Friday to Buddy screaming about his ear hurting. 

Two hours and one early morning appointment later, we find out he’s really fine. But hey. At least it got us up early on a day when we had a huge long service right during naptime. That was a best. 


Saturday was spent mostly in the kitchen and yelling at Buzz to get the kids out of my way. 

It was super prayerful. 

We went to the Easter Vigil at night, and it was GORGEOUS. I was too busy trying to keep Buddy from burning the church down with our candles to take pictures. 

Back at home, Squeaks had written a note for the Easter Bunny that had questions and required answers. 

Funny, the Easter Bunny used the same stationary as the Tooth Fairy. Weird.

The next morning before Mass the kids opened their easter baskets.

The Rescue Bots were a big hit. The Baltimore Catechism not quite so much.

I don’t know why. I was pretty psyched.

We went to Mass and had one family over for a super fun breakfast. No pictures because I was responsible for the breakfast.

We spent the aftenoon at my in laws and there was all manner of fun.

Finally we spent the evening with my parents and once again I marvel at the grandparents’ ability to do freaking egg hunts when I was super impressed I was wearing clothes that matched and had showered recently. 

Have a blessed Easter Season! 


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