Ipsy April Unbagging

Okay, Ipsy. You’re back in my good graces this month.

Well, not because of the packaging. That’s just stupid. A sideshow ticket? What are we, fourteen? But lucky for you I don’t even need any more ipsy bags so I can find it whimsical and ridiculous instead of ridiculous and annoying.

(Dodged a bullet there, ipsy.)

The products were overall quite good too! I know.

I received a Ciate bronzer, Lisa Frank angled face brush, Tonymoly Liptone lip balm, a nail polish duo, and Hanolai Aloe gel.

I have no use for the aloe gel, really. It feel pleasant on my face, but I don’t think I could ever really work it in to my facial care routine.

And I’m apparently the only girl from the 1990s that didn’t love Lisa Frank with every fiber of my being (maybe because I was homeschooled…we weren’t terribly trendy lol) and so I’m not like lining up to spend money on mediocre brushes because they’re pink and shiny and have a freaking unicorn on them.

(I’m the mother of a seven-year-old girl. EVERYTHING in my life has a freaking unicorn on it.)

It’s a fine brush though. I used it with the bronzer, and it was…a perfectly fine face brush.

The bronzer was good I thought. Cool toned, which is something I need as a pasty, pasty lady. Buildable coverage, if I wanted to ever build it up. (But I don’t, because I’m a pasty pasty lady.) Would consider buying full sized if I didn’t already have a bazillion bronzers and crap floating around in my makeup closet.

The nail polish duo is also pretty good- I like the dusky blue best, but that’s just personal preference. I’m not much a nude girl. I used it with a gel coat covering and it worked well.

The winner this month was the Tonymoly (which is fun to say) Liptone lip balm. I got the rose colored one, and it’s really pretty. Not really even colored, but just a little sheer rosy maybe? I don’t know, I feel like my lips look better with it on, but maybe that’s just because they’re moisturized.

It moisturizes really well- as good as anything I’ve been able to find other than Dr. Lipp’s Miracle Balm. (Which is, let’s be honest, medical grade lanolin. So just get yourself from nipple cream and save $10.)

Definitely smells and tastes (if you lick your lips like I do) like rose though, so make sure you like the scent.

4/5 ipsy. Well done!


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