A Buddy Tale

So Buddy loves this one kind of cereal. And by loves, I mean to the exclusion of all other cereals. One morning when we ran out he literally had a bowl of milk for breakfast.

Like a cat.

(Not my proudest moment, but meh. Whatever. He’s alive and milk is healthy. I think that’s a win.)

The cereal is AlphaBits with the Super Why guy on the box. It is only sold at select Targets, and on target.com. I am trying to avoid Target because it turns out I’m literally just a mom blog post come to life and I can’t leave without a throw pillow or something and I’m trying really hard to stick to a budget because my husband is so much better with money than I am and I already feel badly because I don’t bring anything in and I literally just spend everything because I’m in charge of the household and…whoa. That got real.


I buy them online every few months, in packages of ten boxes. Then shipping is free and we avoid any other embarrassing cat-like moments.

So imagine my horror when my most recent order arrived on my doorstep. I opened the box. And…where the f&*( is Super Why??? Who are these pirate people. WHAT IS EVEN HAPPENING. They changed sponsors. Oh. Oh no.

Oh. This is not going to be good.

I quickly hid the boxes. The cereal looks almost exactly the same, a little bit bigger perhaps. It tastes the same. (Saccharine and annoying.) It’s okay. I can just serve it to him in a bowl and he’ll never notice.

First meal with new “Super Why” AlphaBits. I slide the bowl in front of Buddy and he eagerly picks up his spoon…

…and stops dead in his tracks. He stares at the bowl. He stares at me. He picks up a a letter and smells it. (I KNOW OKAY. BUT I CANNOT DEAL WITH ANY MORE THERAPY RIGHT NOW.)

He takes several deep whiffs. He places it on his lips. (Not his tongue.) He puts it back in the bowl and glares at me accusingly.

“Mommy. Dis not SuperWhy cereal.”

Head, meet desk.

“Buddy! It is! It’s SuperWhy cereal! See! It’s all your letters!’

“No. Dis not SuperWhy cereal. I have milk in a bowl?”

So excuse me while I got research Target’s return policy for TEN BOXES OF ALPHABITS.


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