A Buddy Tale, Part 2

So some of my friends suggested websites to track down an original Super Why cereal box to hide the FAKE AND DISGUSTING cereal in it. I had thought of this but didn’t realize there were still any places to get such a thing.

So! $12 later, I had a dented box of cereal with the Super Why guy on it (does he have a name? I don’t know.) from Amazon and an evil plan in my head.

First, Buddy refused to eat even the real Super Why cereal, having been burned by my attempts to keep him nourished before. 

After I convinced him that this was the good stuff, he devoured the box. 

Now. The moment of truth. I switched the bags. Would he believe it was the same if he could see the box? We all know the the did not appreciate being given the cereal with the offending box hidden in the cabinet. 

I poured the bowl in front of him. He eagerly picked up his spoon. 

And froze.

“Mommy, did not super why cereal.”

“No buddy! It is! See????”

“*sobs brokenly* No! It’s not! Will you turn it back to normal please???”

So. That went well. 

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