Things I Learned This Year

  • I can go for 38 weeks and then I am finished. Fi. Nished.
  • My daughter can go for 38 weeks and then she is equally sick of a regular schedule.
  • I am really pretty good at teaching elementary school math and English.
  • I am really pretty bad at faking interest in stupid supplemental books on subjects in which I have advanced degrees.
  • I am a bad mother on days when I wear my pajamas. On those days, I just need to give up and be nice to my kids and accept that nothing is going to get accomplished.
  • Taking care of myself spiritually is the biggest change we made this year, and it’s been the best thing.
  • Similarly, living according to the liturgical year has been a blessing to our whole family.
  • Ditto for going to weekday Mass occasionally.
  • At least, I think it is. They’re still horribly behaved in Mass.
  • I need chunks of time off after holidays to recover.
  • I need chunks of wine after the holidays to recover. (Sorry, wrong list.)
  • I really really dislike most American history books.
  • I really really love hearing my babies say prayers in Latin.
  • I can convince a seven-year-old that flash cards are a game. 😂😂😂
  • Cuddles in the morning before our day begins? Best thing ever.

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