About Me

Hi! I’m Kathleen. I’m not this perky in real life. I have a BA in Jewish Studies, an MA in history and religious studies and an MRS in mothering a six-year-old whom people thing you gestated but didn’t and a two-year-old whom you DID gestate but it almost killed you.

I’m married to Buzz, engineer and provider and my own personal Geek Squad. Our little girl is Squeaks. She’s perfect. People who don’t think so annoy me. The new one is Buddy, or the reason I can’t keep anything on my coffee table anymore. He is also perfect.

Also we homeschool but I wear pants almost every day like a normal person.

3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Kathleen
    Noah Charney here, author of The Art Thief (Atria 2007) which you were kind enough to review on your website a few years back. I appreciated your supportive review and just wanted to let you know that I have a new book out, and I would be pleased if you might consider reviewing it, as well.
    The new book is a work of non-fiction called “Stealing the Mystic Lamb: The True Story of the World’s Most Coveted Masterpiece” (PublicAffairs 2010). It is essentially a biography of The Ghent Altarpiece by Jan van Eyck (finished in 1432), which is the most frequently stolen artwork in history (the object of 13 crimes, including 7 separate thefts) and, arguably, the single most important painting ever made. The Ghent Altarpiece was the subject of a recent New Yorker article, as it is currently being restored. My book is an account of the history and adventures of this one, incredible painting, charting the thirteen crimes in which it was involved, and decoding its art historical mysteries. More information is available at http://www.mysticlamb.com.
    I hope you might consider reviewing my new book for your excellent site. Thanks very much and best wishes,

    Critical praise for Stealing the Mystic Lamb:
    The author…with specialty expertise to spare…[provides] an intriguing blend of reportage and art history, providing what is in effect a remarkable “biography’ of this beautiful and tough survivor [The Ghent Altarpiece]. -The Sunday Times UK
    Well-written and thorough, this book reminds us of the influence and fragility of art, our veniality and heroism, and the delights found in both the beautiful and the strange. -Cleveland Plain Dealer
    A brisk tale of true-life heroism, villainy, artistry and passion. -Kirkus Reviews
    In scrupulous detail, Charney divulges the secrets of the revered painting’s past, and in doing so, gives readers a history lesson on art crime, a still-prospering black market. -Christian Science Monitor

    I am awed by the magnitude of the things I don’t know. Although art is surely a subjective experience, expertise is often required to nudge one along to appreciation. I would not have paused to look at ‘The Mystic Lamb’ without Charney’s backstory. It still does not appeal to me as a thing of beauty or as inspiration. But I confess, Charney has me wishing I could see the Altarpiece in Ghent. -The Providence Journal

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