´╗┐Things I Am Not

Guys, this election. It’s over. And that’s awesome. And as a political geek the sheer upset of it all is amazing to me, and had I been able to stop gnawing at my lip and mumbling the Hail Mary for six hours Tuesday night I probably would have enjoyed watching it.

And then yesterday came. And it was very upsetting for people whose chosen candidate did not win. I get that. I was pissed in 2008 and 2012. People were scared and mad and confused because it turns out the entire world doesn’t live in New York and have Twitter. I KNOW.

And there was a lot of stuff thrown around about how if you voted for President-Elect Trump, you’re an uneducated white dude and a hateful misogynist who wants to beat Muslims to death and probably do something bad to gay people, I don’t know, I kind of stopped reading after the 18th post.

So. I voted for President-elect Trump yesterday. Here are some thing that I am not.

1.) Male.

2.) Uneducated.

3.) Misogynist.

4.) A Nazi.

5.) Xenophobic.

6.) Homophobic.

7.) In favor of making birth control illegal. (I saw that today, not sure if people are unclear, but Obama did not legalize birth control, guys.)

8.) In favor of sexual assault, or talking about sexual assault like it’s a joke.

9.) Racist or a Klansmember.

10.) Filled with hate for anyone. Seriously.


A woman in her 20s with a post-graduate degree in the humanities. I have a degree in Jewish Studies. When I was in academia, I focused on Jewish-Christian relations and ecumenical efforts since the 1960s. I know how serious it is when people invoke Nazi rhetoric. Really, I do.

I chose a candidate based on my beliefs and my priorities. As a practicing Catholic, my conscience (MINE. Not yours. I am not talking about you having to vote for someone.) makes me believe that any possibility of overturning Roe v. Wade is the road I have to take. In any election. Period. Do I think Donald Trump is a gift to the pro-life community everywhere? No. Do I believe he’s going to champion the unborn every day of his life? No. Do I think there’s a higher chance of him doing SOMETHING more than his opponent who was in favor of the legalization of partial birth abortion, and the repeal of the Hyde Amendment? Yes. Hopefully. God willing.

That is why I voted for President-elect Trump.

Based on comments that Secretary Clinton made about deep seated religious beliefs needing to change, I was concerned that she would implement policies that made it more difficult for me to practice my religion in every aspect of my life. I felt like there was a higher probability of my being able to continue to have my faith a part of my life, even my public life, with another candidate.

That is why I voted for President-elect Trump.

I am Catholic. I am opposed to using artificial contraception within marriage. (And out of it too I guess, but that’s a whole different sin.) That is a religious belief. I do not require you to believe it as well. Go get your pills and IUDs and whatever, that’s totally fine. All I’m asking for is that the government does not force religious employers to pay for services that violate their religious beliefs. I felt like I had a better chance of that happening if more conservative judges were appointed.

(Oh, and by the way, the ACA has never covered any variation of my method of family planning, which is insulting. Aren’t we all equal?)

That is why I voted for President-elect Trump.

I am a homeschooling mother. My daughter still has seven and a half years of primary school left and four years of high school. That’s a lot of time for more restrictions on homeschooling to be put in place. Secretary Clinton has stated that she’s in favor of universal preschool, more district oversight for homeschooling curriculum, and has supported various legislation that is also opposed to free and open homeschooling rights. All of that is even disregarding her “it takes a village” philosophy, which I don’t agree with and do not plan on raising my children in accordance with. I felt I had a better chance of my freedom to make decisions for my children’s education being supported if I did not vote for her.

That is why I voted for President-elect Trump.

I did not vote for him to be racist or mean or as a support for his seriously lacking moral character. I sincerely pray that he can overcome those personal failings and be an effective leader.

I have read stories of the KKK celebrating and people writing horrible things on buildings in support of him. That’s disgusting. I did not vote for that.

I have read stories of children taunting other children with “build a wall” or other hateful things. That’s disgusting, and if my children ever do anything like that to anyone I will have failed as a parent. I did not vote for that.

I made a conscious decision as a free American to vote for what I felt was the only choice I had based on the issues that were the most important to me and my family.

Just like we all do, each and every election.

That’s not hateful. That’s exercising representative democracy.

This is not a triumphal day. This is a day to pray or wish or hope or do whatever you do that we can move forward as a nation and that this man whom we elected (because we did elect him) can become a better person than the one we saw in the campaign.