L’Oreal Infallible Total Coverage Foundation REVIEW!

I am in love with all things L’Oreal Infallible. I looove the Pro-Glow and Pro-Matte foundations, both on their own and mixed together. I love the concealer palette. I love all that ish.

I also love high coverage foundation. If I could put a veil over my face every day, that would be awesome.

(NO. I’m not getting political.I just mean I’ve got a lot of acne scars and redness and not a lot of time to cover them.)

(Because my children can smell when I’m doing something for myself.)

So obviously this foundation was a must try for me. Higher priced for drugstore, at $10.99, but still less than half the price of a high end bottle.

It’s a thick cream, in a squeeze bottle. I wasn’t overly impressed with the number of shades, and I had to pick the lightest shade which is a touch light for me. It blends easily and is what they call “natural” finish, which is kind of matte to me, but not drying. I guess pretty natural.

I used it a few different ways on different days, and ended up liking certain things about it. First I used it as an all over foundation, which I really liked. It covered well- I don’t know that it’s the HIGHEST coverage foundation I’ve ever used, certainly not coming close to like a Kat von D Lock-It foundation, or even Urban Decay’s All NIghter. But at 1/4 of the price, I guess that’s okay. I applied it with a beauty blender, and it went on very nicely.

And I forgot to take pictures, except for snapchat. So…just delete the filter I guess? In your head? 

Another way I tried was using it as a concealer. It also did really well for covering blemishes, although I found I needed more under my eyes for my dark circles. It’s also really hard to apply to anything other than a beauty blender, because of the thick texture and weird squeezy bottle. You can tell it settles into my undereye wrinkles.

Finally, I mixed it with the Pro-Glow foundation and applied all over. This was my favorite application. It upped the coverage of the Pro-Glow, but gave a nice satiny finish. Definitely appropriate for every day wear. I used a beauty blender, but this would have worked equally well with a brush once it was cut with the more liquid Pro-Glow.

Overall, a decent buy if you need a high coverage drugstore foundation. But not close to a high end total coverage one.

February ipsy- Meh.

Ugh, guys. I was not impressed this month with my ipsy. Ipsy consistently knocks it out of the park and gives me stuff I LOOOVE and wouldn’t get to try otherwise. Not this month. This month it’s like here, have a bunch of stuff that will destroy your face and a $3 lipstick.

Even the bag kind of sucks- it’s all soft and denim “like your favorite pair of jeans,” according to the website. Problem number one. Jeans are not soft and comfy. Leggings are soft and comfy. Give me an ipsy bag that doesn’t give me muffin top and then we’ll talk.


The products were underwhelming. The NYX butter lipstick is awesome. I’ve worn it every day this week and it can a light wash of color or you can build the coverage. But it’s an NYX lipstick. Those are not that expensive and available at Walgreens. Not impressed.

The Trust Fund Beauty nail color is good, too, but nail polish is kind of inherently underwhelming.

The Marsk Mineral Eyeshadow in You’re Toast is cute, I guess, but I’ve literally gotten almost exactly the same shade in shimmery, fall-out-y eyeshadow in these bags the last few months. Meh.

The other two products I couldn’t even use. The Briogeo Rosarco Blow Dry Perfector was made with argan oil, and I tried the VENeffect Skin Care Anti-Aging Lip Treatment which is supposed to plump without stinging. Not true. It stings. A lot. And I really don’t like plumping products because anything that inherently causes an allergic reaction bugs me.

So yeah. Meh.


January Ipsy Unbagging!

Practically February ipsy unbagging if you ask me. Did anyone else not get theirs until like last week? It was horrible. I mean, I pay AN ENTIRE TEN DOLLARS FOR THIS STUFF AND DAMMIT I WANT TO WHINE ABOUT IT AT THE EARLIEST POSSIBLE MOMENT.

No, I’m kidding. I don’t hate this month’s bag.

Well okay, that’s a lie. I hate this month’s actual bag. It’s all gray and blue and looks like gym shorts from the late ’90s. As someone who got “mono” halfway through first semester of freshman year and somehow had to sit out the rest of the year of gym, it’s not really my aesthetic.

See? Gym shorts.

I’m more enthusiastic about the actual products. There isn’t one I hate, and I’m super into like three of them.

First up, the SLMiss Glam Blend Beauty Brush L34. This is a good eyeshadow blending brush, but I’ve been using it in my crease mostly when I want more pigmentation there. It’s awesome. I haven’t cleaned it yet, so I’m not sure how the quality holds up, but first impressions are good.

The Temptu Base Smooth and Matte primer is also great. I love me some primers, and I never get them in the bags, so I was super excited. It smells like turpentine when you open it, which admittedly is not always what I’m going for when putting things on my face. But it worked really nicely on my sensitive skin, mattefying and helping my pores like it was supposed to. I wouldn’t say it’s the longest lasting primer ever, definitely not a smashbox quality, but certainly better than the drug store.

I received an eyeshadow this month, the StarCrushed Minerals Metallic Eyeshadow in “Aged to Perfection Champagne.” It’s a great color, and I was looking forward to using it. Unfortuantely, the fallout is huge. It gets EVERYWHERE. But once I started using a wet brush to pat in on, I really enjoyed the product. The color payoff is amazing and it’s great for a metallic look in the center of your lid or as an inner corner highlight.

Just…don’t do your face first. Cuz it’s gonna get sparkly.

Two products I haven’t tried yet- the Ciate London GELOLOGY Top Coat. (I know that’s not a real word.) and the Pur-Lisse Blue Lotus Mud Mask. I’m trying to give my nails a break because I had them in gel colors for like two solid months around the holidays, and they are ROUGH. Like, seriously. My nails make me look like I have a drug problem. But I’ll try it as soon as I start using polish again. I’m generally hesitant to praise top coats because a.) they’re boring and b.) usually they have to work with a specific chemical compound in the color polish, which unless it’s the same brand is impossible to guarantee. But we’ll see.

The mud mask I’m much more excited for. I love all masks. The peely ones. The paper ones. The mud ones. Even those see-through ones that make you look like a serial killer. LOVE LOVE LOVE. So I’m super psyched to try this one once this horrid cold is gone and the thought of touching my nose with anything other than a literal angel wing makes me want to vomit.

4/5 this month for ipsy. Can’t wait to get the next one in a few weeks!